"Sunny was a treat to read. It is most appealing as the story is very well done and the
artwork is beautiful. I applaud the author for writing a book to meet the needs of very
young children as well as children of elementary school age. I experienced many different
feelings as I read the book and I know others will experience the same thing. The guide to
further discussion at the end of the book will be most helpful as foster parents read this
story to the children in their care."

Irene Clements
President of the National Foster Parent Association
Sunny is a beautifully written and illustrated book about a little girl, Mandy, who is given a
puppy. It's a delightful story with colorful illustrations that provide an understanding of
foster care as well as showing that love and belonging are found in different family
settings. This book is a must read for families with foster children, those contemplating
foster parenting and for enlightening children about other kinds of loving families. I gave
it to my grandchildren who loved the story and had many questions about Mandy's new
home. The author provides a discussion guide about foster care at the back of the book
that proved useful to me.

Carolyn Hansen
Retired Teacher